Realistic 3d Sound in virtual reality can't be overlooked when it comes to immersion.
Sound is the biggest reason why we can tell the kind of space we are currently in, even with our eyes closed. Our audio team at StaplesVR are experienced audio engineers who can deliver that kind of presence with:



-Field audio recording using Sennheiser Ambeo microphones for true 360 audio recording.

-Creative and effective Sound design for games and video.


-Audio cleanup with industry standard software (izotopes RX6 Advanced audio suite)

-Audio mixing and mastering.

-Spatial audio post-production combining the use of the facebook 360 spatial audio workstation and 3rd order ambisonics techniques.

-Video encoding for 3d audio delivery to all supporting streaming services (Facebook and Youtube) as well as direct delivery to GearVR, Oculus Rift and Vive headsets. We always use the best software for the job these softwares include:

-Cockos Reaper (Audio workstation for most post work)

-Ableton Live 10 Suite (Creative Sound design workstation)


-Facebook360 Spatial Workstation (Spatialisation engine)

-Izotope RX6 Advanced (Audio Cleanup)

-SteamAudio integration in unity (Realistic Audio engine for games)