360 Video

Our 360 camera fleet is the largest outside of the USA and offers the widest range of cameras.

We provide all the required accessories to complete the most complex of shots and minimise onset errors which can be costly in the post production process.


Our engineers also create custom capture equipment to capture quality virtual live action content at a level required by third parties to deliver to their client base. Our focus in on intelligent camera movement and capture in challenging environments such as underwater, extremely hot / cold environments and aerial / cable cam solutions.

We have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands


360 Video Crew

Our experienced crew come from a traditional film background and have years of set time under their belts


360 Post Production

Our post production facilities are top of the line as are our artists that man the systems. We are New Zealand and Australia's most experienced 360 Video post production company and have been producing content in this medium for over 10 years. Whether its your first time working with 360 content or you have worked in this medium before you will enjoy our attention to detail, creativity and vast experience working in this relatively new medium.