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Aviation Maintenance
A320 and B787 VR Training


How can we train aviation maintenance engineers using VR to increase knowledge retention and create muscle memory without needing to ground aircraft?

StaplesVR developed a VR training system with modules for both the A230 and the B787 which allows refresher and induction training of aviation maintenance engineers which saves our clients of 300hours per month of ground aircraft time. 





The purpose of this training module is to help you identify risk and hazards while performing maintenance around this aircraft.


Generate significant returns by removing risk, cost and delays from training staff while creating consistency in your training enviroment.


Your employees are introduced to the training simulation. Learning how to move, interact and communicate


Trainees are requested to execute tasks with the final purpose being able to learn the entire process of each plane module studied. Each step is first explained via both audio, video and virtual simulation before a final test performed by trainees.


The platform will provide a set of logs to evaluate the trainees activities. This information helps with tracking the learners progress and the knowledge transfer of the trainees.





"This ultimately means we can do training without needing to have the aircraft in the hangar"

David Wells, Qantas Airlines, Head of Engineering

Impact / Deployment

Our aviation maintenance training is available on as a subscription license.

Get in touch with us to chat pricing and headset deployment