DDB - Auckland City Mission - A Harsh Reality 

Homelessness has become Auckland's 'invisible problem'. Even though many Aucklanders walk past people sleeping rough on a daily basis, they seldom take the time to see the struggles our homeless people go through every day.

Auckland City Mission's Winter Appeal always successfully draws attention to the plight of the city's homeless and we wanted to start from this platform and lift things up a gear. With multiple charities tackling homelessness, we needed to find a way for the City Mission to cut through the noise to reach a fundraising goal of $300,000 in only five weeks with a budget of just $20,000.

Our approach was to find a way to bring to life the experience of being homeless in a realistic way so we created a unique 360-degree video experience. It dropped the viewer into a series of confronting moments, keeping it authentic by using real stories from real people who had experienced life on the streets – not actors, shot from the perspective of one of Auckland's homeless.