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New Zealand Defence Force
DLF Missile Decoy System VR Training


The DLF system is designed to save navy vessels from missile attacks.

The training that came with the system was a paper based training which was not fit for purpose.

StaplesVR developed the VR training to enable muscle memory, high retention of knowledge and exposure to equipment as well as data tracking to monitor employee progression. 

The system is available on both the Oculus Rift S and the HTV Vive Focus III






How can we train DLF Maintainers while they are at sea or unable to access a DLF Missile Decoy System?

StaplesVR ran a series of insight workshops with the New Zealand Defence force team which enabled us to develop a detailed understanding of the muscle memory and learning outcomes required from a VR training Module.

Outcomes included the development of both a Oculus and HTC land and sea VR training package. 





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"The partnership with StaplesVR has really widen our view of how we can train 21st century learners using 21st century technology "

Kevin Heveldt, RNZN, Naval Simulation Manager

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The DLF VR training is now available across both tethered and stand alone headsets and has been in use by the Royal New Zealand Navy for the last 12 months. 


All learners have been engaged and provided positive feedback on the training and how it allowed them to manage their own training and provide 24/7 access to the hardware which when at sea wasnt always available for training. 


StaplesVR was awarded the 2020 Defence Awards for Innovation on completion of this software.