Spark - Native Tongue Augmented Reality App

The Native Tongue augmented reality application uses photogrammetry to digitize and augmented

reality to view the unique sculpture created by artist Gill Gatfield.


The augmented reality application allows patrons from all over the world to get a glimpse of the stature

and presence of the rare and unique timber. Utilizing the latest augmented reality tracking technology

available in mobile devices, users can view the sculpture through their smartphone or tablet.


Native Tongue by Gill Gatfield

A monumental solid I is shaped out of a single slab from the heartwood of a giant ancient kauri. The rare and unique timber, recovered from a prehistoric forest, is radio carbon-dated at over 45,000 years old - predating the last Ice Age, the migration of Neanderthal man, early cave painting in Europe, the development of language, and human occupation of Aotearoa. Carefully excavated from the depths of a Northland NZ peat swamp, this alpha native articulates a one word/one number text message. A new antiquity, Native Tongue begins again to silver with